Thursday, November 10, 2016

Buncha Perverts

Getting into the Groove

I always liked Pancake's analogy of the erection-sensing power of the magic being like a hum. Makes a lot of sense as measure of physical tension. Some of his early female characters would even cast spells by humming the tunes that matched certain sensations they could sense a guy feeling.

So, what sorts of songs do you think would make for some wickedly teasy tracks?

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Character Spotlight: Supernatural Operations Specialists

Supernatural Operations Specialists, or S.O.S., is Civero's primary defense against supernatural threats. Initially starting out as a loose network-alliance of otherwise independent anti-supernatural specialists, as the number of magical threats and ancient dangers rose, as well as the number of people empowered with the ability to stop such threats, several of the more famous monster hunters and rogue explorers formed the current, much more cohesive organization. While still often understaffed, the more effective sharing of resources and information has made the team quite effective. The organization is effectively autonomous, answering only to the Council of Nations itself, rather than to the leader of any single nation, though of course any given team is to follow all local laws.

Agents fulfill a variety of roles, be it hunting monsters, aiding explorers, stopping criminal mages and psychics, rescue missions into dangerous locations, or dealing with remnants of the Dark War and Majestic Era. Effectively autonomous, the organization is global, with several branches in every country, many with a different style to their approach: Ituren Agents have a superhero motif with their teams, Argonians and Bellamians are more like a police force, Sarkovian and Curran groups are regimented military units, Hylan teams are an order of martial artist monks, Elyssians are a corporate backed champions, and Atlans are more like private detectives and mercenaries. Zoaheim lacks its own official groups, but search and rescue units are often hard-bitten survivalists trained to operate in the Forbidden Continents unique biome. Then, there are Drifter Agents, who travel the world as solo adventurers and champions, in the style of pre-S.O.S. protectors.

The team given here is just one group I'd initially wanted to base a series or two on, but which never really panned out. This group assembles characters from several Civero stories, so almost all of them will be recognizable to long-term readers:

Jason - Has appeared in Violet vs Sarah and Prize Student, and was intended to appear in the Adventures of Jamin Frey.

Jamin Frey - Appeared in the Adventures of Jamin Frey, which was intended be a sort of silly fantasy hero who would explore Civero and get into all sorts of sexual shenanigans in the process. This was well before Civero had any defining features to it.

Violet - From Violet vs Sara, the eponymous hero.

Jim - From Violet vs Sara, also would have been revealed to be the male protagonist of the unfinished The Stranger story.

Doug, the Zero Mage - Also from Violet vs Sara, he has a substantial cameo in Prize Student.

Maxim - The previously unnamed protagonist of the Brutal Healing/New Nightmare story. So for all the readers who were super freaked out by his horrible fate at the end, it was intended that he would be rescued by the S.O.S. in the first "issue" of their series.

Andrea - The kinky biomancer from Tender Loving Cruelty, also makes an appearance in the Kat's Boytoy series.

Gra'Ul - Never appeared in a published work, but was basically another version of Growl, from the Centurions Universe, re-painted as a Civeron Demihman.

Scissor Girl